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Infertile Celebrities

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Even though I haven't lived there in eight years, I'm still very much a Washington D.C. girl. When I meet another D.C. transplant in Los Angeles, regardless of their age, common interests, choices in hair styling product or tap dancing capabilities, I think "oh, we should definitely be girlfriends". Why? Because homegirl knows where I'm coming from. We share similar war stories. Similarly, when I hear of a celebrity who has struggled with fertility, whether they're super talented or kind of a dud, whether their level of annoying is noob or expert, I think "oh, we would definitely be girlfriends". We share similar war stories.

I haven't really understood Mariah Carey since before her butterfly phase, however our common experiences with progesterone bridged the gap. In 2008 she suffered a devastating miscarriage, and had to take progesterone month in and month out before getting pregnant with her twins.

Nicole Kidman has basically seen all sides of infertility (and Tom cruise - shudder). She had an ectopic pregnancy, miscarriages, and underwent fertility treatments. She has two adopted children with Tom Cruise, and with her current husband, one child that she gave birth to and one child via surrogate.

Speaking of Mr. Cruise, somehow all the postpartum depression hoopla he unleashed on Brooke Shields overshadowed her openness about her own fertility struggles. She went through seven rounds of IVF before conceiving her first child.

Celine Dion and Giuliana Rancic (who I may not be able to tell apart if it weren't for the accents) have been incredibly brave and open about their struggles with infertility. Celine had two children via IVF, and Giuliana had a son via surrogate.

Courtney Cox-Arquette (is she de-Arquetted yet?) has said that she never had trouble getting pregnant, but she had a hard time staying pregnant. She has a daughter through IVF. Every time I see one of the later Friends episodes, I wonder how
hard it was to play someone with fertility issues while having her own.

Elizabeth Banks, who I love, has been light and open about how carrying her own child was just not something her body could do. She now has two sons, both via surrogate.

I usually don't understand reality shows where you're basically just watching people talk slow in restaurants whilst chewing, so I've only seen exactly one episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians". It was the episode where Kim tells Khloe that she's pregnant. Even though I'm sure this wasn't really how she found out, just watching her react on camera I could, to my surprise, see myself in her. She instantly said the right things, but she had the dead shark-eyes and numb body that I have when playing happy for other people.

As much as I roll my eyes at celebrities, when one of them talks about their infertility struggles openly, I instantly have respect for them. Well, more than I would have otherwise, anyway. Considering how frightening it can be being open about infertility with a few hundred friends on Facebook, I can't imagine being open about it with millions of strangers... but when one of them does it, it makes me feel a little less alone, and a little hopeful that the shame that goes with infertility may someday be something people can hardly imagine having ever existed.

When I come across the story of a famous infertile, I can't help but think hey - at least I'm one of the cool kids.

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