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Infertility Insurance in Austin

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The cost of fertility treatments can add up quickly, especially since many couples require more than one cycle of treatment or assisted reproduction procedures. As a way to help pay the cost, many couples look toward their health insurance to provide some coverage.

Currently, there are only 15 states that have a state infertility insurance mandate in place that requires insurance companies to provide coverage or to offer coverage for fertility treatments. Fortunately for Austin residents, Texas is one state that has an infertility insurance mandate in place.

This infertility insurance mandate can be found in Chapter 1366 of the Texas Health Insurance Code. According to this law, insurance companies that cover pregnancy services must also offer coverage for IVF and other fertility procedures.

Certain stipulations do apply to the law. The couple must have documented infertility for at least five years, unless the infertility is associated with endometriosis, in utero exposure to DES, blockage or removal of fallopian tubes, or oligospermia. The woman’s egg can only be fertilized by her husband’s sperm, and less costly first-line fertility treatments must have been tried before IVF.

Organizations affiliated with religious groups are not required to offer this fertility treatment coverage if it contradicts their religious or ethical beliefs.

Before you begin fertility treatments, set aside some time to talk directly with a representative of your insurance plan. By asking the representative questions, you will be able to learn for sure what coverage is provided by your insurance plan.