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Infertility Insurance Coverage in Florida

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For couples struggling with infertility, the cost of many infertility treatments, fertility drugs, and procedures may prove to be prohibitive. Many couples look to their insurance as a way to shoulder some of the cost.

Unfortunately, Florida does not currently have any state laws that require insurance companies to cover infertility treatments as part of their plans. Certain private plans may provide some coverage, but it is important to research thoroughly what your plan covers in terms of diagnostics and treatment.

In order to find out if your health insurance plan covers infertility treatment, it is best to talk directly to a plan provider.

Currently, 15 states have mandates in place concerning insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Florida residents pushing for state legislation concerning infertility treatments can sign the Florida Infertility Insurance Mandate Petition online. Additionally, in April 2010, Tampa civil attorney Gene Odom has announced the formation of a charitable organization, which hopes to enact state legislation requiring health insurance companies in Florida to provide coverage for fertility treatment.