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Infertility Insurance Coverage in Long Island

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Infertility treatments can quickly become costly, especially since multiple treatments are often needed. Those involved in fertility treatments or assisted reproductive technologies often look to their health insurance as a way to shoulder some of the costs.

Currently, 15 states that have mandates requiring insurance plans to offer coverage or provide coverage for infertility treatments. New York is one of the states that have laws in place requiring infertility insurance.

This law is explained in Article 32 of New York Insurance Law. According to this law, health policies cannot exclude treatment that would otherwise be covered just because the condition results in infertility. The law was amended in 2004, and required insurance to provide certain treatments for women ages 21 to 44. However, this law does not cover IVF treatments, gamete intrafallopian tube transfers, or zygote intrafallopian tube transfers.

New York also offers a grant program for eligible New York residents for IVF treatments. More information on this state program can be found by contacting the New York Department of Health.

Before you begin any kind of infertility treatment, it can be helpful to talk with a representative from your insurance plan. That will be a good opportunity to learn what exactly will be covered, so you can better estimate your out-of-pocket cost.