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Infertility Insurance Coverage in Orlando

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As couples begin the fertility treatment process, cost may be one of their worries. Fertility treatments can quickly become expensive, especially since more than one course of treatment or cycle is needed. However, couples looking to their health insurance to cover their infertility expenses may be disappointed.

Currently, there are only around 15 states that have mandates in place that require health insurance plans to offer coverage or to cover fertility treatments. Unfortunately for Orlando residents, the state of Florida does not yet have an infertility insurance mandate in place.

While there is no state mandate in place, some private insurance plans may still provide some coverage, so it is important to talk with a representative from your plan before you begin treatment. This will give you a better understanding of what is covered and at what amounts, so you will not be surprised when the bill comes later.

Orlando residents who would like to lend their support for the creation of an infertility insurance mandate in Florida can sign the petition online.