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Infertility Insurance Coverage in Pittsburgh, PA

As you begin fertility treatments, you may start to realize how quickly the costs of fertility drugs and IVF costs add up. Especially when it can take, on average, three cycles to successfully conceive.

Only 15 states have infertility insurance mandates that offer or require infertility treatment coverage. Unfortunately, Pennsylvania does not have an infertility insurance mandate, but Pittsburgh residents should still review their insurance policies carefully. Even if you do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatment, you may be pleasantly surprised to find that some basic infertility testing like blood work or diagnostic procedures might be covered.

You should consult a representative from your insurance plan and also a financial advisor at your fertility clinic to help you fully understand your insurance plan. Once you have clearly mapped out what is covered and what is not, you can plan for the costs of IVF and research any available financing options.

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