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Infertility Insurance Coverage in San Francisco

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Infertility treatments can become costly, especially when multiple courses of fertility drugs and treatment cycles are necessary. Many couples turn to their insurance companies for help in covering some of the costs.

Only 15 states currently have infertility insurance mandates in place; fortunately, California is one.

The California mandate can be found in California Health and Safety Code, Section 1374.55. It requires that any insurance plan that covers hospital stays and medical treatment must offer infertility coverage. The mandate does not require employers to provide the coverage.

Certain stipulations apply for the mandate. The infertility must have been diagnosed by a doctor, and the woman must have tried to conceive for one year. This mandate explicitly excludes IVF treatments, though it does cover other infertility treatments, medication, diagnostic tests, surgery, and GIFT.

Each insurance plan is different, though, so before you begin infertility treatment, it you should talk directly with your plan’s provider. This way, you can receive answers to your specific questions about your treatment.