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Infertility Insurance in Maryland

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Your fertility treatment process can be a stressful experience — physically, emotionally and financially. Fertility treatment costs in Baltimore may add up quickly, especially since more than one round of treatment or medication is often necessary. Intended parents often turn to infertility insurance to absorb some of the cost.

Maryland is one of only 15 states that currently has an infertility insurance mandate in place. Infertility insurance mandates require insurance companies to either offer fertility treatment coverage or to provide that coverage.

According to Maryland law, insurance policies that provide pregnancy-related benefits must also provide benefits for IVF procedures. Maryland HMOs are required to provide IVF benefits to the same extent as services provided for other fertility treatments or infertility services.

The Maryland infertility insurance mandate does have some limitations. In order for the IVF costs to be covered, the patient’s eggs must be fertilized by her husband’s sperm, the patient must have a two-year history of infertility (unless the infertility is caused by endometriosis, in utero exposure to DES, blockage of fallopian tubes, or abnormal male factor infertility), and the IVF procedure must be performed at a fertility clinic that conforms to the guidelines set in place by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM).

There is also a three-cycle maximum for IVF cycles that can be covered, which cannot exceed the maximum lifetime benefit of $100,000.

For specific infertility insurance information for your plan, be sure to talk with a representative from your insurance plan.