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Infertility Insurance in North Carolina

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The costs of infertility treatment can add up quickly. Frequently, many courses of medication are needed and multiple IVF cycles are necessary. While insurance plans cover treatment for many medically-recognized disorders, many do not cover treatment for infertility services.

There are 15 states that require insurance plans to offer infertility insurance or to provide coverage. However, North Carolina is not one of these states. There are currently no state laws in place that require insurance plans to offer infertility insurance coverage.

Before you begin your infertility treatments, it is recommended you talk with a representative from your insurance plan to discuss what your plan covers. Some private plans do offer some coverage for infertility treatments. It is better to know beforehand what will be covered, so you are not surprised by a big bill afterward.

If you are interested in working towards bringing an infertility insurance mandate to North Carolina, you can sign the online petition to show your support.