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Infertility Support for Northern New Jersey


Infertility can be both physically and emotionally devastating. It is a life crisis when you want to become a parent and learn you cannot. People facing infertility struggle with emotions ranging from anger to hopelessness, anxiety to grief. The emotional consequences of infertility can affect your relationships with family and friends. The stress can also strain the relationship between couples. Couples may have different ideas about how to proceed with infertility treatment. Feelings of blame and guilt can emerge after an infertility diagnosis. It can also affect your ability to function on the job or daily tasks. There are times when infertility can be emotionally overwhelming.

Consider being proactive and seek counseling support before you become emotionally immobilized.

Infertility Therapists in Northern New Jersey

There are many therapists in the northern New Jersey area who have expertise working with both men and women who are having trouble coping with infertility. Their treatment goals include teaching ways to cope with infertility, understanding the emotional impact of infertility, its affect on your relationships, and learning stress management techniques. Here is a list of therapists in northern New Jersey:

  • Laura Alper, MSW(private practice)
  • Andrea Braverman, Ph D (Reproductive Medicine Associates)
  • Nicole E. Grace, LCSW (private practice)
  • Ma’ayan Greenbaum, Psy D (North Fertility Associates)
  • Claudia Pascale, Ph D (Institute for Reproductive Medicine)
  • Sharon Silverman, LCSW (private practice)
  • Chana Simmonds, MSW, LCSW (private practice)
  • Kim A. Weiss, Ph D (private practice)
  • Judith L. Wien, LCSW (private practice)

Infertility Therapy

There are different types of therapy available including individual, couples, and group therapy. Some find it helpful and comforting to hear other people discuss their experiences in a group setting. Others prefer to work alone with a therapist. Discuss the best option for you with your therapist.

If you do decide to get counseling think about what your goals are. If you have a partner, discuss whether or not you want counseling together. Men and women can experience infertility in different ways. Discuss your therapist’s treatment philosophy and goals with him or her. Find out about the therapist’s experience working with others who have the same infertility diagnosis you do.

Your fertility clinic may have referral information for counseling needs. You may have friends or family that can offer recommendations. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the person you select so you can begin to make positive emotional gains.