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Infertility Support in Pittsburgh, PA

Despite the fact that 1 in 8 couples is having difficulty conceiving, the infertility journey can be an isolating experience. Friends and family offer support and comfort, but sometimes their well-intended comments further remind you of the pain of infertility. As a result, your closest relationships may suffer. Seeking the help of an infertility therapist for individual, couples, or group counseling will help you cope with the emotions of infertility.

Couples' therapy is particularly beneficial when navigating the roads of infertility. You and your partner will be allowed to hash out your feelings and beliefs about the lengths to which you will go for building your family, while your therapist serves as a neutral third-party supervisor. Your therapist will call attention to unhealthy patterns of communication and teach you to work toward a common goal.

Infertility Therapy Sessions

There are several options for infertility support, including individual therapy, couples' therapy, or group therapy.

  • Individual therapy sessions offer a one-on-one scenario where you can express your thoughts to your therapist and learn how to manage grief, anger, or sadness.
  • Couples' therapy allows you and your partner to talk things through while the therapist arbitrates in a safe, neutral space ensuring all discussion is productive. Since infertility treatment involves both partners, it is smart to make sure you have the same expectations and goals of treatment.
  • Group therapy is beneficial for those wishing to meet others who share common emotions and experiences. The group setting may help you realize there are many other people, like you, who are struggling to build their families.

Each of these sessions encourages you to address the ways in which infertility has impacted your life, be it relationship concerns, financial problems, or personal struggles like diminished self-esteem. Both partners should attend infertility therapy to manage the infertility stressors as a team.

Online Infertility Support

Online infertility support can serve as a supplemental outlet to traditional therapy. Forums like Fertile Thoughts can be helpful for chatting with others in the midst of fertility treatment.


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