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Infertility Support in Tampa

Infertility treatments can bring up a wide range of emotions, including fear, uncertainty, anger, depression, and anxiety. It may cause stress in relationships, especially when couples argue about the financial and emotional toll of the infertility treatments. Partners may feel guilty for contributing to the infertility struggle, and they may place blame on themselves for the failure to conceive.

This can result in a feeling of helplessness that can spread to other aspects of life. When this feeling of lack of control becomes overwhelming, it may be helpful to reach out to an infertility therapist or support group to help you through the infertility process.

Infertility Therapists in Tampa

Your sessions with your infertility support therapists will help you find ways to cope with grief and loss, manage stress, and find appropriate ways to relieve tension. Regular sessions will also help your relationship with your partner, by showing you how to become more communicative about your fears and anxieties about your infertility treatments. There are several infertility support therapists in the Tampa area who can help you through the emotional hardships that come with your infertility struggle:

  • Barbara Feinberg, Psy.D., Tampa, FL
  • Kathy Fountain, M.S., Tampa, FL
  • Lynnette Mackenzie, Psy.D., St. Petersburg, FL

Infertility Therapy Session

Before you begin therapy, it is a good idea to carefully research your potential infertility therapists. You are going to be sharing your experiences and feelings with your therapist, so it is vital you find one with which you are comfortable. Meet with each potential therapist beforehand, and ask some questions. Try to find out about the therapists style for the sessions, and what kind of experience he or she has had treating others with infertility struggles that mirror your own.

Infertility therapy can be either one-on-one, couple’s sessions, or group sessions. Sometimes you will meet with your therapist one-on-one, and then the next time, you will be there with your partner so you can talk about your relationship issues together.

In your session, your therapist will encourage you to talk about how your infertility struggles have influenced your relationship with your partner, friends, and family. You can talk about other kinds of strains, such as financial worries or problems focusing on your work. In order to help you cope, your therapist will teach you ways to manage your stress and release tension.

Therapy sessions are helpful for couples going through infertility treatments, even if only one person is actually undergoing the physical procedures. It is important to encourage men to open up to the therapists. Talking with a therapist can help them vocalize their fears, concerns, and insecurities. It will also help open up a channel of communication within the relationship.

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