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Insurance Coverage in Columbus, OH

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The cost of IVF, fertility drugs and other infertility treatments can often place a heavy financial toll on couples. As a way to shoulder some of the costs, many look toward their insurance coverage, and are often disappointed when they discover their services aren’t covered by health insurance .

Currently, only 15 states have mandates in place that require insurance companies to offer coverage for infertility treatments. According to the Ohio Revised Code Section 1751.01, health maintenance organizations (HMO) are required to provide basic health care services, including infertility services, when medically necessary. This covers diagnostic and exploratory procedures to correct a medically diagnosed disease, such as endometriosis, collapsed or clogged fallopian tubes, and testicular failure.

However, since IVF is not considered a preventive service, it is not included in this mandate. IVF procedures are not required to be covered by insurance companies in Ohio.

Because IVF procedures are not included in the mandate, some Ohio residents are campaigning for its expansion. An online petition asks residents to add their signature to support adding IVF coverage by HMOs in the mandate.

In order to find the most complete information about your own health insurance plan, it is recommended you talk directly with your plan provider.