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Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment in Tampa

As many couples undergoing infertility treatments already know, the road to family-building can be an expensive one. However, some couples looking to their health insurance companies to defray some of the costs may find themselves out of luck.

Currently, only 15 states have mandates that require health insurance companies to either offer coverage or provide coverage for infertility treatments. Unfortunately for Tampa residents, Florida does not currently have any laws that require such coverage.

Certain private plans may provide some coverage, so it is recommended you talk directly with your health care plan’s provider to inquire about coverage for diagnostics and treatment.

Some residents in Florida are campaigning for a mandate to require insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Florida residents can read and sign the Florida Infertility Insurance Mandate Petition online.

Financing Infertility Treatment

Lack of insurance does not have to be a barrier to fertility treatment. There are several emerging ways to finance treatment, including low-cost IVF, and IVF refund programs, and infertility treatment grants and aid. If you are considering or undergoing fertility treatment, your fertility clinic may have or know of financing options to make treatment more affordable.