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An Intimate Look at Surrogacy


by Jamie Williams, Program Director, The Surrogacy SOURCE, June 4, 2010

Shopping at WalMart with a friend (Charlotte) searching for a bigger size of maternity underpants when, all of the sudden, water gushed from between my legs. "Oh My Gosh! It’s time!” Charlotte says. We decided we didn’t need the underpants anymore, dropped everything and drove to the hospital. I called my husband Frank, then Charlotte called her husband Mike. The men were playing golf together.

We arrived at the hospital, checked in and got ready to have a baby. Charlotte was unexpectedly calm, supportive and excited. It was 40 minutes before the men got there, but we all felt better when we were together.

Nurses came and went. The doctor came and went. My contractions got harder and they told me to push. I had already had two previous deliveries; I knew what to do, but Charlotte and Mike had no idea what to expect and got very nervous.

Mike wasn’t sure he could stay in the room. Frank calmed him down and I started to push, one . . . two . . . three, up to ten, breathe.

All I could do was watch Charlotte and Mike's faces. They were in shock and didn’t know what to do. I thought they might faint. After a few more series of pushes, out came beautiful baby Vanessa, weighing 7 lbs, 13 oz.

The doctor laid the baby on my tummy as he called for help to cut the cord. Dad was right there, hands shaking, tears starting to flow. Charlotte looked on and I could tell that her eyes were close to leaking as well. Dad cut the cord, the nurse put the baby in my arms.

I said, "Well, hello Miss Vanessa, it's so nice to meet you finally. We've all worked so hard for this day. I would like to introduce you to your mom and dad, Charlotte and Mike."

I put Vanessa into Charlotte's waiting arms and then out came her gushing tears. Mike kissed his wife and then his daughter. Frank and I were in tears knowing that without our actions as their surrogate couple, they would not be holding this miracle baby today.

The room was full of tears of joy. It was the end of one chapter in my life being able to give life to another human being and the very beginning for Mike, Charlotte and Vanessa as a family.

Congratulations to the new family.

Jamie Williams


Jamie Williams, Program Director for The Surrogacy SOURCE, has extensive knowledge in the field of third-party reproduction with an emphasis on surrogacy case management. This, combined with first-hand experience as a gestational carrier herself has resulted in a uniquely qualified, highly dedicated and compassionate individual to serve the growing needs of our clients.

In addition to directing the overall Surrogacy program, Jamie remains committed to managing cases and staying pro-active throughout the entire process. Jamie states, "Our commitment is to provide the highest caliber experience to our clients and surrogates. We recognize that the relationship between Agencies, Surrogates and Intended Parents is a special one, and for that reason I believe that every detail requires special care. Having seen both sides, I feel that the most important components of the Surrogacy experience are clear communication and rigorous screening. Our program will provide unsurpassed service with these tenets in mind."