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Iowa Law Practices

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Fertility treatments have influenced the development of a whole new type of law, called Family Building Law or Reproductive Technology Law. These new field of law has developed in order to protect the rights of those involved in these procedures.

Assisted reproduction is legally complex, especially when taking into account third-party options like sperm donation, egg donation, and surrogacy. Lawyers who specialize in this field can help protect your rights and define custody of the resulting child.

Iowa Law Practices

It is important to retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in assisted reproductive technology law before you begin your procedures. Along with protecting your rights, your reproductive law attorney can also deal with issues like insurance claim denials or disposition of embryos.

The following reproductive technology attorney works with clients in Iowa:

  • Susan Kubert Sapp


While there is no explicit law that deals with surrogacy in Iowa, the Iowa Code appears to allow surrogacy agreements. Since gay and lesbian couples are allowed to marry in Iowa, it also appears that they would benefit from this.

Surrogacy is considered the most legally complex of the assisted reproduction technology options, so it is very important you retain the services of a lawyer before you start the process. Your lawyer will help draw up a surrogacy agreement, which will define the custody of the resulting child, and clearly state the fees and the disposition of the fees.

Surrogacy agreements usually clarify a base fee, as well as additional fees for certain procedures. These can include payment for invasive procedures, transportation, multiple births, or cesarean sections.


Whether you are considering domestic or international adoption, you should be sure to retain the services of an adoption attorney. Your adoption attorney can help you understand the specific adoption laws in Iowa, and explain how that relates to your situation.

Your adoption attorney will draft a post-adoption agreement, which will clarify the custody of the child and state the subsequent role of the birth parents in the child’s life.