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Join Our Online Community: FertileThoughts


TTC is not easy — why go through it all alone? Join FertileThoughts, the latest addition to FertilityAuthority’s family and the leading online community for women and men to talk about fertility, infertility, pregnancy and parenting.

FertileThoughts is a 14-year old community site and the overwhelming leader in social networking for those trying to conceive. The site has with more than 185,000 users each month throughout the United States, as well has participation from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and India.

Launched in 1996 and acquired by FertilityAuthority in 2010, FertileThoughts provides support to women, men, couples and singles who are building their families with forums on infertility, adoption, pregnancy, surrogacy and parenting. Participants can share their personal stories and support others in a respectful environment, while making friends and having fun!

Visit FertileThoughts today.