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Kansas City Attorneys Assist in Building Families

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One of the challenges related to assisted reproductive technology is understanding the legal issues associated with treatment needed to build your family. Legal matters are also complicated in cases of domestic and international adoption.

A specialized legal field has evolved from the growth and popularity of these family building techniques. Lawyers specializing in Family Building Law, Adoption Law, and Reproductive Technology Law have critical expertise and knowledge.

Kansas City Family Building Attorneys

The attorneys listed below are legal specialists in designated areas of family building law. If you are having a child through infertility treatment, especially collaborative reproduction, where a third party is involved, it is important to understand the related legal aspects. These legal specialists can help clarify and design legal contracts that can outline legal rights, disposition of embryos, and pre and post-conception legal planning.

  • Tracey D. Johnson, LLC, Kansas City, KS
  • Joseph Booth, Lenexa, KS
  • Kevin W. Kenney, Prairie Village, KS
  • Krigel & Krigel, P.C, Kansas City, MO
  • Christina Miller, Reproductive Family Law Center, Kansas City, MO


Legal representation is strongly advised for anyone entering into a surrogacy or donor arrangement. Surrogacy is the most complex legal arrangement. Surrogacy legal contracts articulate rights, legal intent, and determine how decisions will be made throughout the pregnancy. It protects all parties including the child.


Regardless of whether you are doing a domestic or international adoption, it is very important to have expert legal advice. International adoptions are complicated because the child is subject to the laws of the adoptive country. Domestic adoptions are governed by the laws of the individual state which can differ between states. Adoption lawyers can help craft a post adoption contract clarifying the rights of the birth parents post adoption.