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Las Vegas Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

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Over the years, the field of infertility has become a lot more legally complex. The reason for this is the number of treatments that utilize third parties, such as sperm donors, egg donors, and surrogates.

As these new technologies have developed, they have led to a number of legal questions. In order to protect the rights of those involved, attorneys are now specializing in the field of law which is called Reproductive Technology Law or Family Building Law. If you are considering using a third party to build your family, it is recommended you retain the services of one of these lawyers.

Las Vegas Law Practices

Retaining a lawyer who specializes in reproductive law can help protect you from legal complications that may arise. Your lawyer can draw up contacts that clearly state that your donor or surrogate does not intend to seek custody of the child. Your reproductive lawyer can also help you deal with insurance claims and other issues, such as the disposition of embryos.

The following lawyers in Las Vegas specialize in reproductive law:

  • Matthew H. Friedman
  • Ann E. Kolber
  • Israel “Ishi” Kunin


Surrogacy is considered the most legally complex of all of the assisted reproductive technologies, so it is especially important to consult a reproductive attorney if you are thinking about surrogacy.

Currently, surrogacy agreements are explicitly legal in Nevada, as long as the intended parents are a married man and woman, and no money beyond medical and living expenses changes hands.

By retaining the services of a reproductive lawyer, you will be able to protect your rights. Your lawyer will draw up a surrogacy agreement, which will explicitly define your rights and obligations, as well as that of your surrogate. Perhaps most importantly, your surrogacy agreement will also clarify that your surrogate does not intend to seek custody of the resulting child.


Adoption lawyers can also help you through the domestic or international adoption process. Your lawyers will craft a post-adoption agreement, which will clarify the custody of the child, as well as the role, if any, the birth parents will play in the child’s life.