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Las Vegas Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are responsible for helpful, new medical breakthroughs. The field of infertility has been enriched by these clinical trials, by treatments, and procedures that have developed because of the information gathered from the trials.

Each clinical trial operates with a specific purpose. The trials are strictly controlled and regulated studies that seek to test a certain variable. They may operate simultaneously across the country and end at a set time.

There are currently a number of infertility clinical trials in Las Vegas.

Who Is Conducting the Clinical Trials in Las Vegas?

Goserelin in Preventing Ovarian Failure in Women Receiving Chemotherapy for Breast Cancer
Sponsor: Southwest Oncology Group
Locations: CCOP - Nevada Cancer Research Foundation, University Medical Center of Southern Nevada
Estimated Dates: October 2003-January 2016
Status: Currently recruiting participants

Comparison of Transfers of Fresh and Thawed Embryos in Normal Responder Patients
Sponsor: Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Locations: Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Estimated Dates: October 2007-June 2010
Status: Currently recruiting participants

Prospective Observational Study of Peri-implantation Serum hCG Levels
Sponsor: Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Locations: Fertility Center of Las Vegas
Estimated Dates: August 2010-August 2011
Status: Not yet open for recruitment
For more information, follow this link

Efficacy and Safety Study of a Single Injection of SCH 900962 Versus Daily recFSH Injections in Women Undergoing Controlled Ovarian Stimulation (Study P06029) (PURSUE)
Sponsor: Schering-Plough
Locations: Investigational Site 22, Las Vegas
Estimated Dates: June 2010-March 2012
Status: Currently recruiting particpants

Information on Clinical Trials

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