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Local or Out-of-State? Which Egg Donor Is Right for You?

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by Missi Manning, Senior Case Manager, Western and Central Regions, The Donor SOURCE, June 13, 2011

The search for the right egg donor can be a long, bumpy road. There are many avenues to find an egg donor, from your fertility doctor’s in-house donor pool, to agencies, to private parties.

Most egg donor recipients have certain characteristics they desire, including physical and personality attributes. But another question you should be asking is if you prefer a local vs. an out-of-state egg donor. Some might be thinking “a local egg donor saves on cost,” while others are thinking “I prefer an egg donor not in my local area." There are considerations that should be taken into account to help you decide which to choose.

Local Egg Donor

An egg donor who is local to the fertility clinic may be ideal for some. It is true that the cost of the egg donor process will be less due to the proximity of the donor. There will be no travel costs or fees paid to a monitoring center.

The egg donor will visit the recipients’ fertility clinic for all the required appointments, and the fertility doctor will have full control over the cycle.

Out-of-State Egg Donor

However, in some areas, a local egg donor might be too close to home. For example, in Hawaii, the fertility clinics prefer an egg donor who has donated less than three times due to the smaller area for the gene pool. Some recipients, and even egg donors, prefer an out-of-state cycle to keep a respected distance between the parties involved.

Location May Not Matter

When you find that perfect egg donor, her location will likely not matter. It can be a hard decision to limit one’s search to just the local area, because that can vastly narrow the options of available egg donors. However, the added cost of a remote egg donor is a valid concern recipients will have.

Egg Donor Agency Coordination

When an egg donor travels for a remote cycle, more coordination takes place to keep the cycle running smoothly. And at the agency level, the Case Manager must be in touch with two fertility clinics and their respective teams, the egg donor, and the recipients. The agency will make sure that orders are received by the monitoring center, and results are sent to the main fertility clinic for interpretation.

It is imperative that you feel comfortable with the egg donor agency as that liaison when coordinating several parties.

Some egg donors may not have the availability to take time off of work, and some recipients will not have the financial opportunity to choose an out-of-state donor. Remote cycles are not for everyone — egg donors and recipients alike — and local cycles may be your preference.

Finding an egg donor with whom you feel a connection is likely the most important factor. Keep in mind the location of the egg donor and think about the impact this can have on the overall cycle. It is a good idea to speak with your fertility doctor for his or her preference for out-of-state donors. Regardless of whether you choose a local egg donor or an out-of-state donor, the decision you make will be best for you.


Missi Manning, Senior Case Manager for the Western and Central Regions, has been working for The Donor SOURCE since 2006 while earning her bachelor's degree in Business from California State University, Fullerton. She comes to us with a strong customer service background and says she is honored to be able to help couples with their journey toward a beautiful family. Missi started with The Donor SOURCE as an administrative assistant and now works with our egg donors and intended parents to ensure that all medical and legal protocols are satisfied before any retrieval occurs, as well as providing the compassion and support needed through this very emotional process.