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Male Infertility #Fertchat Transcript


Male Infertility
What Women Need to Know
Wednesday, January 29, 2014
2pm PST/5pm EST
Join FertilityAuthority with special Guest Dr. Paul Turek

Dr. Paul Turek is a Board Certified Urologist, Founder of The Turek Clinic, and is the President of the Society for Male Reproduction and Urology (SMRU). Dr. Paul Turek @TheTurekClinic responded to live questions on Twitter. Below is a transcript of the conversation on Male Infertility, hosted by FertilityAuthority (@FertilityAuthor).

Q: Greg Sdeo: What studied have been done on environmental factors that causes azoospermia?
A: Dr Paul Turek: Reproductive toxicology is a brand new field. Stay tuned Classic environ toxins include cigarettes, drugs, illnesses and even hot tubes!

Q: Fertility Thoughts: How likely is infertility in men with Kartagener's Syndrome?
A: Dr. Paul Turek: Very likely. All sperm non-moving natural fertility=0. We published a technique.

Q: Ellen Thompson: If a guy were to #exercise and #loseweight could this help increase his #spermcount?
A: Dr. Paul Turek: YES PLEASE! All is good.

A: Somerset Urological: Yes, yes and yes!!! Defiantly cannot hurt his chances, that's for sure!
Dr. Paul Turek: We published in PBMonline that 60-70% of men with no sperm+ cancer will have usable sperm

Q: Remaginelt: I have o sperm and was told there was only 2-3% change of its return( after testicular cancer removal surgery)?
A: Dr Paul Turek: Agree, unlikely. Consider mapping after 6 months of recovery.

Q: Remaginelt: Didn't do chemo, just surgery. Did microTESE on the other about 1 year& found nothing. How can mapping help?
A: Dr. Paul Turek: Mapping can find sperm when mTESE misses. Love to help

Q: Kimberly Griffiths: How significant is morphology, really, in the scheme of male fertility?
A: Dr. Paul Turek: Not a big player anymore. Nor reproducible, not very predictive 

Q: Kimberly Griffiths: When should a guy see a urologist vs. reproductive endocrinologist with his partner?
A: Dr. Paul Turek: Every infertile man deserves care by a urologist. Reproductive endocrinologist is optional for him.

Q: Fertility Authority: Does low testosterone mean my husband is infertile?
A: Dr. Paul Turek: Not necessarily. But could be linked. More on low T>

Q: Kimberly Griffiths: What's one super food med should keep in mind for fertility?
A: Dr. Paul Turek: Paleo or Med diets 

Q: Kimberly Griffiths: … and what's on thing men MUST avoid for fertility?
A: Dr. Paul Turek: Sexual abstinence? LOL. Really, It's Stress. 

Q: Dr. Paul Turek: After variococele surgery? 2/3 rds better counts; 1/3 pregnant with minimum complications. Avg TTC 7 months.
A: Fox: More info on prognosis after variococele surgery: 

Q: FertilityAuthorityNew treatments on the horizon for male infertility?
Dr.Paul Turek: Most male infertility is genetic. Can's treat genetics now; need to find sperm where it exists. Man-made sperm from stem cells and better detection are key.

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