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Memphis, TN, Egg Donation

Using an egg donor is often not a woman’s first choice for fertility treatment, it is a good option for older women, women with poor egg quality or quantity, and for some women who have had multiple miscarriages. Because eggs are donated by young, healthy women success rates are generally high.

Choosing an Egg Donor

A known egg donor is someone you and your partner know personally – she may be a friend or relative. If you decide to work with an anonymous egg donor, you will choose her through a database of profiles at an egg donor agency or fertility clinic. Alternatively, a lawyer may help you find a donor. You may choose to do a fresh donor egg cycle, whereby your cycle will be coordinated with the donor and a fresh embryo will be transferred. Or you may choose a frozen donor egg cycle.

Egg Donor Agencies and Clinics

Egg donor agencies and clinics that offer egg donation have a pool of donors for you to choose from. These women are generally in their 20’s, and undergo physical and emotional screening, along with medical, social and family history prior to being accepted as a donor. You can choose an egg donor with certain characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, and level of educational.

A number of Tennessee egg donation agencies and Tennessee fertility clinics offer egg donation. FertilityAuthority can help you find the fertility clinic that is right for you and your unique situation.


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