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A Non-Invasive Test for Embryo Selection with IVF

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The EevaTM Test is the first and only FDA-cleared test to help select the best embryos for transfer in an IVF cycle. A microscope equipped with a camera is placed inside an incubator to capture time-lapse images of the embryos’ development from Day 1 through Day 3.

The time-lapse images are then analyzed by computer software that assesses the patterns and timing of each cell division, identifies the further developmental potential and categorizes the embryos into “High” and “Low.” These Eeva Test results, along with clinical observations, allow embryologists to select the best embryo or embryos to transfer.

This non-invasive method of analyzing embryos is based on research conducted at Stanford University. The researchers discovered that patterns and timing of early cell-division could reflect an embryo’s underlying molecular health and predict its developmental outcome.

“The Eeva Test supplies us with unique information that we did not have access to before,” says Shehua Shen, Vice President of Medical and Scientific Affairs at Progyny, the company that owns the Eeva Test. “It gives us insight into the dynamic development of the embryos -- the journey that an embryo went through and whether it is more likely to be normal or abnormal.”


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