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North Dakota Infertilty Support

An infertility diagnosis can touch all aspects of your life. You may find yourself stressing about the financial cost of fertility treatments one minute, only to feel hit by a wave of grief the next. Skipping from one emotion to the next is common as you navigate through the fertility treatment process, but it's not something you have to go through alone.

Many people with infertility may benefit from seeing an infertility therapist. These mental health professionals are specially trained to help you deal with the far-reaching ramifications of infertility, and can help you work towards making positive changes in your own life.

North Dakota Infertility Therapists

In what cases may seeing an infertility therapist be right for you? If you find yourself overcome with continuous feelings of depression, sadness, or hopelessness, you may want to consider seeing an infertility therapist. They can also help if you begin to notice persistent changes in sleep, appetite, or weight, as well as increased mood swings or relationship problems.

Currently, there are no infertility therapists in North Dakota who are members of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. To find a therapist in your area, you can ask a fertility doctor at your clinic for a local recommendation.

Attending a Therapy Session

Depending on the style and preferences of your therapist, you may attend one-on-one sessions, in which you will be speaking only with your therapist, or a couples session, in which you and your partner will talk together with the therapist. Often times, your therapist may recommend a combination of types of sessions, and may even suggest group meetings so you can gain support from others in similar situations.

Infertility therapy is not only helpful to the person undergoing fertility treatments, but it can also aid that person's partner. Fertility treatments can seem like an isolating experience, and counseling sessions can act as a way to bring the couple together. This is especially beneficial because it can help you learn how to communicate more effectively together.
These types of counseling sessions can help you sort out your feelings, learn new and helpful coping mechanisms, and work towards solutions for any challenges you are facing. With the help of an infertility therapist, you can navigate the fertility treatment process while in a stronger emotional state.

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