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Nurse of the Month: Adria Reed, R.N.


Adria Reed, R.N., Midwest Fertility Specialists, May 2010

Adria Reed’s interest in women’s health started early. The summer between high school and college, she began a job at an OB/GYN program. That evolved into a position as a medical assistant working with IVF patients, and, even before she entered a nursing program, she was hosting IVF seminars and teaching new patients how to administer fertility drug injections.

In nursing school, not much was taught about infertility. “All they tell you is the definition of infertility and IVF,” she says. Despite that fact, Reed’s projects focused on infertility-related topics.

Today, Reed is a Donor Egg Coordinator and IVF Coordinator at Midwest Fertility Specialists, in Carmel, IN. She was nominated for FertilityAuthority’s Nurse of the Month by a patient who praised her compassion and ability to stay “on top of things” when working with donor egg IVF patients.

Reed has empathy for her patients. “They’ve gone through grief to get to donor eggs, and then they get to acceptance,” she says. She adds that, “donor egg is more intense than regular IVF; recipient couples are more intense.” Many have been through failed IVFs, and, for most, it’s been a long road. “These patients have been through so much,” Reed says. “Donor egg is stressful and emotionally draining … you get so hopeful,” she adds.

A Day in the Life

Reed’s days are long, starting at 6:30 or 7a.m. In addition to handling donor egg patients, she handles standard IVF cycles which means egg retrievals, embryo transfers, and pre-and post-ops for all cycles.

When working with egg donors and recipients, she recruits and screens donors, updates the donor website and, when an egg donor is accepted into the program, she helps them through the medical and psychological assessments.

During the day, she gets pulled in by the doctor to speak to potential donor egg recipients. “I tell prospects about the program, show them the website [of donors], talk about counseling and testing. I tell them to go home and process all the information - it's a lot - and then call me,” she says. Once a couple has decided to use donor egg she works closely with them - from matching them with a donor through retrieval.

In addition to being there for the logistics, and synchronizing the donor and recipient cycles, she’s there for support. Reed’s job is also about, “Listening, being there, giving a hug,” she says.

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