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Oklahoma Infertility Insurance

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Fertility treatment costs can quickly rise, especially when more than one course of fertility drugs or multiple IVF cycles are necessary. As a way to help defray some of the costs of fertility treatments, some couples turn to their insurance companies to help pick up the slack. But unlike treatment for most other disorders, fertility treatment is commonly not covered by insurance plans.

There are 15 states that have a mandate in place that require health insurance plans to offer coverage for fertility treatments or to provide that coverage. Unfortunately, Oklahoma is not one of these states, so Oklahoma residents are not covered by a state infertility insurance mandate.

While there is no state law mandating infertility insurance, you should still check with your insurance provider about fertility treatment coverage. Some private health insurance plans do offer some coverage for fertility treatments or infertility diagnostics. It is a good idea to check with a representative from your insurance plan before you begin treatment, so you are not surprised by the bills that come in later.