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Oklahoma Lawyers Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

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The field of assisted reproduction has developed rapidly over the past several decades. Some of the most important developments have been in the field of third-party reproduction, such as surrogacy, egg donation, and sperm donation. As countless couples have achieved their families through these third-party assisted reproduction techniques, new legal questions have arisen regarding the rights of those involved in these procedures.

In order to protect the rights of those involved, a new field of law has developed. Lawyers are now specializing in Family Building Law and Reproductive Technology Law to help answer these questions that have been raised.

Oklahoma Infertility Law Practices

Reproductive law attorneys can assist you with the practical and financial issues involved in third-party fertility treatments. These issues include insurance coverage, decisions about embryo disposition, and planning both pre-conception and post-birth. For many third-party fertility treatments, your reproductive law attorney will also draw up a contract that clarifies the rights and responsibilities of all those involved.

The following reproductive law attorneys in Oklahoma work with intended parents throughout the state:

  • Jennifer K. Kern
  • Virginia “Ginny” L. Frank

Surrogacy in Oklahoma

Many reproductive attorneys consider surrogacy to be the most legally complex of all of the assisted reproduction techniques. Traditional surrogacy is even more complex, since the surrogate uses her own eggs to conceive the child, meaning the child will be related biologically to her.

Like many states, Oklahoma does not have any laws that deal specifically with surrogacy or surrogacy agreements. The 1983 opinion of the Attorney General, however, does indicate that compensated surrogacy agreements would fall under Oklahoma’s strict laws against child trafficking. However, it appears as if uncompensated surrogacy agreements may be acceptable.

Oklahoma adoption laws allow intended parents to compensate the birth mother for medical expenses, so it appears that surrogacy agreements that allow this compensation may be legal. However, before you begin the surrogacy process in Oklahoma, it is recommended that you retain the services of a reproductive law attorney who specializes in this field. Your reproductive law attorney will make sure that any contract he or she draws up will stay in line with the Oklahoma law. The surrogacy agreement will also clarify the issue of the child’s custody.

Adoption in Oklahoma

Before you begin the adoption process in Oklahoma, whether you are looking for a domestic or international adoption, it is important to retain the services of an adoption attorney. Your adoption attorney will draw up a post-adoption agreement that will clarify the custody of the child, as well as the role the birth parents will play in the child’s life.