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Orlando Fertility Clinic Success Rates

When you are considering fertility clinics, comparing success rates is an important step in making the best decision. Information on success rates is available in the ART Report . Produced by the CDC, this report breaks down the success rates into age group and type of in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.

Orlando Fertility Clinic Data

The following table lists the success rates for fertility clinics in Orlando for IVF cycles using fresh, non-donor eggs.

Clinic Name City Number of Cycles by Age Live Birth Rate By Age (%)
<35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44 <35 35-37 38-40 41-42 43-44
Center for Reproductive Medicine, PA ORLANDO 186 63 81 37 13 46.2 46.0 18.5 8.1 0 / 13
This clinic has closed or reorganized since 2010. Information on current clinic services and profile therefore is not provided here. Contact the NASS Help Desk for current information about this clinic. ORLANDO 7 3 6 1 0 2 / 7 2 / 3 1 / 6 1 / 1

Fertility Clinic Success Rates Make Up Only Part of the Equation

Choosing a fertility clinic may seem like a complex, even daunting, task. Many couples may feel tempted to make their decision based solely on success rates. However, there are some factors to consider before making your fertility clinic decision based only on those success rates.

Fertility clinics have become very competitive about their success rates, since higher success rates tend to reflect more favorably upon a clinic. So in order to keep the fertility treatment success rate high, some fertility clinics have become selective about the kinds of patients they accept for treatment. Some fertility clinics may not work with patients with certain diagnoses that may make pregnancy even more difficult to achieve. Other fertility clinics may not accept patients if they are above a certain age, since advanced age can make pregnancy more difficult to achieve.

In order to gain a better, more thorough, understanding of these fertility clinic success rates, you can learn how to read the statistics. Pay close attention to the types of diagnoses treated at the fertility clinic. Fertility clinics that have high success rates for patients with your same diagnosis may be a good choice for you. Additionally, pay attention to the age breakdown for the fertility clinic success rates. It may be best to choose a fertility clinic that has not only high success rates for women your age, but also one that performs a good amount of IVF cycles for that age group.