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Paying for Fertility Treatment in Miami

Many fertility patients cite financial concerns as a stop stressor—and it’s no surprise why. Fertility treatments can be expensive!

In fact, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine estimates that the average cost of an IVF cycle is over $12,000. Plus, when budgeting for fertility treatment costs, it’s important to realize that more than one cycle is often necessary.

Ways to Pay for Fertility Treatment

People often turn to insurance coverage to help them pay for medical treatment, but it’s often not that easy for fertility treatments. That’s because Florida does not currently have a mandate in place to require insurance plans to cover fertility treatment. Still, some private plans may offer coverage for diagnosis or treatment, so before you begin the process, make sure to discuss your options with a rep from your insurance plan.

Other ways to pay for fertility treatment includes personal loans, special medical credit cards, or even borrowing money from family or friends.

If you plan on undergoing IVF, the IVFAdvantage program can help you save. With this program, you pay up front for a number of cycles at a reduced rate. This program includes up to two fresh and two frozen embryo cycles, at a cost that is up to 40 percent off the price if they were purchased on their own. The program is open to cash-paying fertility treatment patients whose doctor recommended IVF.

The EggBanxx program can save you money if you’re interested in egg freezing. You’ll pay up front for a package that includes one, two or three egg freezing cycles, plus up to two years of storage. This can save you 20 percent! If you are worried that you will be unable to pay the cost up front, you can apply for financing with one of our loan partners, so you’d be able to break the cost into monthly payments.

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