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Paying for Fertility Treatment in Michigan

There’s no other way to say it—fertility treatments certainly can put a dent in your financial savings.

In fact, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the average cost of one cycle of IVF is $12,000. When you consider that more than one cycle is often necessary, you’re looking at a good chunk of change.

So, what do you need to know about fertility treatment costs before you begin the process?

Infertility Insurance in Michigan

Insurance can take much of the sting out of many medical procedures, but for fertility treatments, it’s not that simple. That’s because there are only 15 states that have an infertility insurance mandate in place that require insurance plans to either provide coverage or offer coverage for fertility treatments. Unfortunately for Michigan residents, Michigan does not have an infertility insurance mandate in place.

However, even though there is no official law in place requiring fertility treatments to be covered, it is still a good idea to check with a rep from your insurance plan. Some plans will cover certain fertility tests or diagnostics, and still others may provide some coverage for treatment. Before you resign yourself to paying out of pocket, make sure to check in with your insurance provider so you’re not losing out on some helpful coverage.

Paying for Fertility Treatment in Michigan

Once you have figured out your insurance situation, how else can you look to pay for treatment? Check your fertility clinic to see if they offer payment schedules—these plans can make it easier by paying a little at a time rather that everything up front. You may also want to consider asking a family member for a loan, taking out a personal loan, or applying for a medical-use credit card.

Another option you have is the IVFAdvantage program. This is a discount program that helps you finance the cost of IVF by paying up front for a set number of cycles. It includes up to two fresh IVF cycles and two frozen embryo cycles. You can save up to 40% off the cost of what these cycles would cost if they were purchased individually. As long as a fertility doctor has recommended IVF to you, and you are a cash-paying patient, you are eligible for IVFAdvantage.

Another discount program called EggBanxx can help you cut the costs associated with egg freezing. How does it work? You purchase a package upfront for either one, two, or three egg freezing cycles (more than one cycle is often needed to harvest the recommended number of eggs). You can save up to 20 percent off the costs of the regular walk-in prices charged by fertility clinics. It also includes up to 24 months of storage. You may also be eligible to pay in monthly installments by applying for financing through one of our loan partners.

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