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Paying for Fertility Treatment in Montana

Financial concerns are a common stress for people with infertility—fertility treatments can be costly! In fact, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the average cost for an IVF cycle is over $12,000. And it’s important to understand that, often times, more than one cycle is necessary.

One way to reduce the financial stress associated with fertility treatments is to clarify what your final costs will be. Talk with a financial professional at your fertility clinic to get a better idea of what is included in your fertility treatments, and when payment is expected. It’s a good idea to ask about other costs you may not be considering, such as the annual cost for frozen embryo storage.

Infertility Insurance in Montana

There are only 15 states in the country that have mandates on infertility insurance, and Montana is one of these states. According to state law, health maintenance organizations must provide coverage for infertility services as part of basic preventive health care services. The law excludes health care insurers other than HMOs from the infertility services requirement.

Additionally, the Montana Annotated Code does not provide clarification of “infertility services” that HMOs must cover, and does not mention IVF.

Before you begin fertility treatment, talk with a representative from your health insurance plan. Some private plans may offer some coverage.

Paying for Fertility Treatment

Fertility treatment expenses can add up quickly, so it’s important to know how you are going to pay for these costs. Some fertility clinics offer payment plans. Other couples may borrow from family members, secure a personal loan, or sign up for a credit card that covers medical procedures.

Another option is the IVFAdvantage program, which can help you finance your fertility treatment cost. With this program, you can buy an IVF package, including up to two fresh plus two frozen embryo transfers, for one low fee. This can give you a savings of up to 40%--compared to if you were purchasing each cycle individually. IVFAdvantage is a great option for cash-paying patients looking for a lower-cost IVF option who have been recommended for the procedure by a fertility doctor.

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