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Paying for Fertility Treatment in South Dakota

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Going through fertility treatments can be a stressful time, and one of the reasons contributing to that stress is financial concerns. That’s because fertility treatments aren’t cheap. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the average cost for an IVF cycle is $12,000. Plus, more than one cycle is often necessary.

Uncertainty can contribute to a lot of these financial concerns, so before you begin treatment, make sure you have a definite understanding of what costs you will be responsible for, and how they must be paid. You can speak with a financial counselor at your fertility clinic about what’s included and what costs would be additional.

Infertility Insurance in South Dakota

There are only 15 states that currently have infertility insurance mandates in place. South Dakota is one of the states that does not have any laws in place regarding infertility insurance coverage.
However, even though there are no laws requiring coverage or offering coverage, it’s important to check with your individual plan. Some plans do offer coverage for some things, such as diagnostics, so make sure to speak with a rep from your plan to see what would be covered for you.

Paying for Fertility Treatments in South Dakota

There are a few options you can consider when deciding how to cover your fertility treatment costs. Some fertility clinics offer payment plans or packages. Other people may look to take out a personal loan or apply for a medical-use credit card, or even to borrow money from family.


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