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Paying for IVF Just Got Easier

FertilityAuthority is pleased to announce IVFAdvantage, the only multi-cycle discount IVF program created by patients, for patients. IVFAdvantage offers a four-cycle IVF treatment package – two fresh IVF cycles and two frozen embryo transfers – at one discounted price. All patients who are eligible for IVF treatment with their own eggs are eligible for IVFAdvantage.

A recent study published in Fertility and Sterility reported that the average patient undergoes three IVF cycles in order to have a baby. IVFAdvantage offers one discounted package price for up to four chances to achieve pregnancy. Savings are typically 40% of the cost of paying for each cycle individually.

“IVFAdvantage is unique in that it was created by fertility patients, for fertility patients,” says Gina Bartasi, CEO. “We know that cost can be a barrier to treatment, and believe that a discount product like IVFAdvantage will provide greater access to fertility care.” IVFAdvantage is available to self-paying patients who do not have insurance coverage for fertility treatment.

IVF Advantage is a multi-cycle discount program. It is not a refund guarantee. Unlike IVFAdvantage, those programs do not accept patients less likely to get pregnant, but instead accept only those who have a good chance of IVF success.

How does it work? You prepay for the four-cycle package, one payment to cover the expenses of cycling multiple times.

Patients who are interested in participating with IVFAdvantage can speak with a dedicated Patient Care Advocate at 855-996-7293, or visit for more information.

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