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Personalized Predictions of IVF Success

Written in partnership with Univfy, December 16, 2013

IVF success depends on a number of factors: A woman’s age, ovarian reserve, body mass index (BMI), her reproductive and health history, and her male partner’s sperm parameters, among others. With all these factors to take into account, how do you know what your chance for success with IVF will be?

Knowing your chances of IVF success can help you make the right fertility treatment and financial decisions. For instance, if your chances are high, you may want to opt for a single cycle, instead of a multicycle package from your clinic, even at a per-cycle discount.

To find out your chances of IVF success, you may start by researching fertility clinic IVF success rates or national averages of women your age. But that data does not provide the complete picture. Not only is every woman different, but fertility clinics may have different success rates because of their particular patient populations and other factors.

If there was a way to determine your individual chance of IVF success, would it empower you in the decision-making process about fertility treatment? The team behind Univfy IVF Prediction Tests believes so. Their online tests provide highly accurate personalized predictions of your IVF success based on your medical data. Research has shown that these predictions are 1,000 times more accurate* than predictions based on age only.

If you are under 43 and considering IVF for the first time with your own eggs, the Univfy PreIVF Test will analyze your fertility profile and compare that information to profiles of tens of thousands of women’s first IVF cycles to instantly provide you a personalized prediction of IVF success.

If you have had failed IVF treatment and want to determine the chances that another IVF cycle will be successful, the Univfy PredictIVF Test will analyze the data from your last IVF cycle – response to fertility drugs, endometrial lining, egg yield, embryo quality – to help predict the probability of success in your next cycle.

IVF treatment can be draining – emotionally, physically, and financially. If you understand your individual chance of success with IVF, you can save valuable time and money by not pursuing treatment that isn’t likely to have a good outcome, or by choosing the treatment plan and financial plan that will give you the best odds of having a baby.

By bringing your Univfy IVF Prediction Test results to your fertility consultation, you’ll be a more informed consumer, equipped to be your own best advocate. Together, with your fertility doctor, you can develop the right treatment plan for your individual situation.

*Please see The Science Behind Univfy for details of research studies -- Choi et al., Personalized prediction of first-cycle in vitro fertilization. Fertil Steril 2013, and Choi et al., Turning Past IVF data into personalized prognostics through a validated, multi-center IVF prediction model.


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