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Phoenix Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

The legalities of third party reproduction can be difficult to understand and overwhelming in an already stressful time. Working with an attorney who specializes in Reproductive Technology Law, or Family Building Law, will help you navigate through third party fertility treatment and also to understand Arizona law regarding egg donation, sperm donation, adoption, or surrogacy. Your attorney will also advise you regarding insurance coverage guidelines, birth parent visitation, and handling the donation or discarding of additional embryos.

It is in your best interest to work with an attorney who specializes in reproductive law as they will draft legal agreements that protect the rights, and clearly map out the obligations, of all parties involved.

Phoenix, Arizona Law Practices

The following law practices and attorneys help residents in the Phoenix, A.Z. area pursue legally-sound family-building through assisted reproductive technology.

  • Rita A. Meiser, PLC
  • The Law Offices of Scott E. Meyers, Arizona Adoption Law
  • Daniel I. Ziskin, PC

Surrogacy in Arizona

Currently, traditional and gestational surrogacy agreements are prohibited by Arizona law. The actual act of surrogacy is not illegal. Surrogacy agreements involving GLBT couples have not yet been considered by Arizona law officials. Although Arizona courts consider the surrogate to be the legal mother of the child, there are fewer complications with the process if the proper paperwork is completed by the intended mother prior to the birth of the child.

Embryo Donation in Arizona

Couples who have created embryos from their own sperm and eggs, but have decided not to transfer those embryos may donate them to another couple. This is offered as an alternative to donating embryos for research or discarding unused embryos.

Sperm Donation in Arizona

There are no provisions in the state of Arizona against donor insemination.

Adoption in Arizona

Adult residents of Arizona, regardless of marital status (married, single, separated, divorced) are eligible to adopt a child provided they meet all other qualifications. Husbands and wives may jointly adopt, but Arizona law restricts joint adoptions by unmarried or same-sex couples. Couples considering domestic or international adoption should consult an attorney to fully understand state and federal laws.

It is especially important to seek the assistance of an adoption lawyer regarding post-adoption terms. A post-adoption agreement will indicate whether or not contact by the birth parent is permitted.


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