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Phoenix Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are important to the field of medicine and to the patients that suffer from a wide range of conditions and illnesses. Strictly controlled and heavily regulated, clinical trials operate under a set purpose and a set amount of time to discover greater information about a particular condition, such as infertility. Clinical trials may run simultaneously across the nation.

Infertility clinical trials have been very helpful to the field of assisted reproductive technology. Thanks to these infertility clinical trials, new diagnostic measures, medications, treatments, and procedures like IVF and PGD have been developed.

Information on Phoenix Clinical Trials

If you would like further information on this or any of the clinical trials that are occurring in Arizona, please visit Here, you can find information on participant eligibility, purpose, and methods involved.

If you are considering taking part in an infertility clinical trial, make sure to discuss this with your fertility doctor beforehand. Because these clinical trials are still experimental, there are certain risks involved.


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