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Reproductive Law Attorneys in Orange County, CA

When fertility treatment involves third party reproduction, such as in sperm donation, egg donation or surrogacy, it is recommended that you retain a lawyer experienced in reproductive law, and specifically in the type of treatment you’re undergoing. Make sure your attorney is knowledgeable in California reproductive law. He or she will create and review legally-binding documents that state and protect the intentions, rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.


Surrogacy agreements are a smart way to protect your rights as an intended parent. California courts have ruled in favor of surrogacy agreements, which allow the potential parents to state their rights and responsibilities, while confirming that the surrogate does not intend to seek custody of the child. Your surrogacy agreement should also discuss the surrogacy fee and additional costs or payments.


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Good Morning: My same-sex partner and I are in the very beginning stages of in vitro fertilization. We have had a fertility consultation and also met with a fertility therapist. We would like to discuss our legal options, including our concern regarding ownership rights of our frozen embryos. We would like to ensure the legal protection of all members of our new family. Any advice?

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