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The Right Sperm Donor Match

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When choosing a sperm donor, you are most likely interested in certain characteristics or traits: race, ethnicity, IQ, and eye color for example. And since sperm banks are required to freeze and test sperm for HIV and other transmittable diseases, you can be assured sperm samples are safe and healthy. However, not all donors are the right match for all women to have a healthy child.

That where GenePeeks comes in. The company was developed based on the premise that all individuals are “carriers” of multiple recessive gene mutations. Carrying a recessive gene mutation puts a child at risk of inheriting a disease when and only if both parents – in this case a sperm donor and the child’s mother - have a non-working copy of the same gene. This was the experience of GenePeeks’ Founder and CEO Anne Morriss, whose son was born with a rare genetic condition. GenePeeks helps sperm bank clients avoid a donor match that carries a high risk of passing on life threatening and altering conditions.

GenePeeks’ patented Matchright technology is a non-invasive process that, “digitally combines the genetic information of two potential parents pre-conception.” The company’s algorithms simulate the genetic interactions that occur naturally in human reproduction.

Morriss explains that GenePeeks can assess a potential child’s risk of inheriting more than 500 conditions using their algorithm. GenePeeks’ clients order a Matchright Kit to collect and mail a saliva sample. GenePeeks analyzes that DNA sample, and prepares a personalized catalog of sperm donors based on the woman’s genetic profile and the donors’. “The company’s analysis is layered on top of existing sperm donor screening protocols, filtering out high-risk donors who would otherwise have been available to a particular client.”

The cost to use GenePeek’s Matchright technology and services is $1,995. The company currently partners with two sperm banks: Manhattan CryoBank and European Sperm Bank USA.


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