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Salt Lake City Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance in Building Families

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Assisted reproductive technology options that utilize a third party, such as sperm donation, egg donation and surrogacy, have caused a number of legal questions to arise. In order to deal with these issues, a new field of law has emerged. Called Family Building Law, or Reproductive Technology Law, this new specialty helps those involved in the infertility processes protect their rights.

Salt Lake City Law Practices

Before beginning infertility treatments, especially those which utilize a third party, it is recommended you retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in reproductive law. Your lawyer will draw up contracts that state the rights, obligations, and intentions of those parties involved.

The following infertility lawyers practice in the Salt Lake City area:

  • Larry S. Jenkins
  • Lance D. Rich


Gestational surrogacy, a type of surrogacy in which the surrogate does not use her own eggs, is clearly legal in Utah. Surrogacy agreements are heavily regulated, so it is important to have a lawyer who understands the requirements needed.

Surrogacy agreements in Utah must be validated in court, and the potential parents must be married. Utah allows for payment to the surrogates, but it must be considered reasonable.

Your attorney will draft a surrogacy agreement that will clearly state the rights of all parties involved, and will explicitly state that the surrogate does not intend to seek custody of the child. It will also discuss the surrogacy fees and how they will be dispersed.

Surrogacy fees usually include a base fee, as well as additional fees for other factors, such as transportation, invasive procedures, multiple births, and caesarian sections.


Retaining the services of an adoption lawyer is also important, whether you are considering adopting domestically or internationally. Your adoption attorney will explain how the adoption laws work in your state, and how that may affect your unique situation.

Your adoption lawyer will also draft up a post-adoption agreement that will clearly state what role, if any, the birth parents will play in the child’s life.