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San Antonio Infertility Counselling


Family-building involving fertility treatments can often cause patients emotional strain on top of their physical struggles. Fertility treatments can contribute to a strain on a couple’s relationships, since the partners may disagree on the amount of time and money dedicated to the treatments.

The fertility treatment process can bring up a wide range of emotions, including sadness, anger, guilt, anxiety, and hopelessness, especially for those who feel as if the failure to conceive is their fault. When these feelings become overwhelming, it may be time to talk with a therapist or counselor who specializes in infertility issues.

Infertility Therapists in San Antonio

San Antonio is home to several therapists who specialize in treating patients who are experiencing the unique challenges related to the infertility treatment. Sessions with these professionals can help you learn how to manage stress, cope with grief, and work towards positive changes in your life.

  • Poonam Sharma, Ph.D.
  • Jane Carr, Ph.D., L.P.C.

Infertility Therapy Sessions

Your type of therapy session will depend on your therapist’s style and the kind of therapy you desire. Some infertility support sessions will be one-on-one, where you will talk alone with your therapist. Other sessions will allow for couples counseling, where couples can talk together with a therapist about their relationship issues. Another option may be group counseling, where you can interact with couples going through similar situations.

At your therapy session, you will be asked to talk about how your fertility treatments are affecting your relationships, such as those with your partner or with friends or family. Your therapist may also ask you to talk about any financial concerns that may have arisen out of your fertility treatments.

Both members of a couple should attend counseling, even if only one of the partners is receiving treatment. It is especially important to encourage male partners to see a therapist, since they may initially feel uncomfortable sharing that information with strangers. This can give them a venue in which to talk about their fears or insecurities, and can help open up the channels of communication in their relationship.

Research your options carefully when considering a therapist. It is important to choose a therapist you feel comfortable with, since you will be sharing personal information with him or her. Ask questions beforehand, such as how long your therapist has been in practice, what type of therapy he or she specializes in, and what kinds of fertility issues your therapist has experience treating.