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San Antonio Lawyers Specialize in Reproductive Law

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The field of assisted reproductive technology has sparked a host of new legal issues, especially when procedures involving third parties -- like egg donors, sperm donors, and surrogates -- are involved. Attorneys and law offices are now practicing specialties called Family Building Law and Adoption and Reproductive Technology Law to represent the rights of those building their families with assisted reproductive technology (ART).

When choosing a lawyer to represent your needs, turn to one who is well versed in the intricacies of this type of law, so that he or she can draw up legal documents that protect the rights of those involved.

San Antonio Law Practices

There are several attorneys and law offices in the San Antonio area that are specializing in assisted reproductive technology law. Before you begin fertility treatments, especially those involving third parties, it is a good idea to retain the services of one of an attorney. Your attorney will create legal documents that clearly state the rights, obligations, and intents of all parties.

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  • Law Offices of Christina Molitor
  • Law Offices of Ralph E. Williamson
  • Harold C. Zuflacht

An attorney may also aid in issues regarding insurance claim denials, embryo disposition, and legal planning.


Surrogacy is often considered the most legally-complex of the assisted reproductive technologies. In order to protect yourself, it is important to retain the services of an attorney who specializes in reproductive law before you begin surrogacy procedures.

In the state of Texas, gestational surrogacy is legal, since a woman is not using her own eggs. Surrogacy agreements for gestational surrogacy are considered binding if they are validated in court.

Your attorney will create a contract that clearly states the rights and responsibilities of each party. It will clarify that the surrogate does not intend to seek custodial rights for the resulting child. The contract will state that the surrogate will turn over the baby to the intended parents after birth.

The contract will also clarify the surrogacy fees, as well as any additional fees applicable. Surrogacy fees vary, but often include reimbursement for travel, insemination, and invasive procedures. Other contracts may also state additional fees for a maternity clothing allowance, multiple pregnancies, and caesarian section. The contract will also clarify what role, if any, the surrogate will play in the child’s life.


If you are considering a domestic or international adoption, it is helpful to retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in adoption. This is important because your lawyer will help you understand the different adoption laws for your state, and how they relate to your situation. Your lawyer will also help you understand the risks involved with the adoption before it is finalized.

Your adoption lawyer will also create a post-adoption agreement, which will state what role, if any, the birth parents will play in the child’s life.