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San Diego Infertility Support

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The process of family building through ART is often a time of emotional and physical struggles. In particular, couples or individuals going through IVF or other infertility procedures may find themselves overwhelmed by a variety of emotions. They may feel angry, anxious, sad, guilty, or depressed about their journey. Relationships may also begin to waver, as both partners may disagree about the extent of the fertility treatments and the financial strains they may cause.

It is normal for your emotions to vary throughout the process. However, if you begin to feel overwhelmed by your feelings, or if a sense of helplessness pervades your everyday life, it may be time to talk with a therapist specially trained in dealing with the unique issues facing infertility struggles.

Infertility Therapists in San Diego

Infertility therapists will help you recognize your feelings about the difficulties involved in your fertility treatment process. During your sessions, your therapist will teach you ways to cope with grief, manage your stress, and work towards positive changes in your life.

The following therapists in the San Diego area work with individuals and couples who are struggling with the emotional effects of their infertility treatments:

  • Jennifer Bessel, Ph.D.
  • Karen I. Hall, Ph.D.
  • Janet Jaffe

Infertility Therapy Session

Attending therapy is important not only for the person who is undergoing the fertility treatments, but also for his or her partner. Sometimes one partner may blame herself for the failure to conceive, which can strain relationships. Talking together with an infertility therapist will allow for the channels of communication to open before those feelings spiral out of control.

Depending on the style of your therapist, you may attend appointments individually, with your partner, or in a group setting. It is a good idea to research your therapist beforehand to get a better idea of her treatment style.

At your session, your fertility therapist will ask you to share your experience with your treatments, and how it has affected your relationships with friends, family, and your partner. You will also have the opportunity to discuss how the treatments affected your unique situation financially.

Sometimes it can be difficult to persuade the male partner to attend counseling. However, many men find this beneficial, since it gives them a no-judgment zone in which they can share their feelings of fear, anger, or insecurity about the process. Additionally, it can help them learn how to communicate more effectively, which can benefit the couple as they go through their fertility treatment process.