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Seattle Attorneys Offer Legal Assistance for Building Families

Fields of law called Family Building Law and Reproductive Technology address the host of legal questions brought about by assisted reproductive technologies, especially those which use a third party, like sperm donors, egg donors and surrogates.

Before beginning an infertility procedure that utilizes a third party, it is helpful to meet with a lawyer who specializes in these fields. Your lawyer will draw up legal contracts that clarify the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of those involved in the process.

Seattle Law Practices

The following law practices in Seattle specialize in the new field of reproductive law. Some law practices specialize in working with same-sex couples, while others focus on surrogacy or egg donor issues.

  • David V. Anderson
  • Rita L. Bender
  • Albert G. Lirhus
  • Gwen Mathewson
  • Robert P. Morrison
  • Raegen N. Rasnic
  • Law Offices of Christina Park


A surrogate carries a child for a woman who cannot conceive or carry a pregnancy to term. This is often considered the most legally-complex of the assisted reproductive technology procedures, so it is especially important to retain the services of a lawyer who specializes in reproductive law.

The state of Washington prohibits surrogacy agreements that give compensation to surrogates. This compensation can include money, objects, or services, as well as anything that is judged to have a monetary value.

Surrogacy agreements in other states clearly state the base fee, as well as other fees. However, surrogacy agreements in Washington state can only clarify that the intended parents will pay medical expenses and lawyer fees.

Your reproductive law attorney will draft a surrogacy agreement that clearly states the rights of both parties: the surrogate and the intended parents. It will clarify that the surrogate does not intend to seek custody of the child, and will state what role, if any, the surrogate will play in the life of the child.


Couples who plan to adopt either domestically or internationally should retain the services of an adoption lawyer. This lawyer will be able to explain the adoption law in your state, and how that relates to the risks involved.

Your adoption lawyer will also draw up a post-adoption agreement, which will clarify which role, if any, the birth parents will play in the child’s life.