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Should I See a Fertility Doctor?

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Fertility doctors, also known as reproductive endocrinologists or REs, focus solely on evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of all types of infertility, allowing them to better manage a wide range of fertility issues.

Couples who may wish to see a fertility doctor include the following.

Women who:

  • Are age 35 or older
  • Have a history of pelvic infection, such as pelvic inflammatory disease, or pelvic pain
  • Need treatment for tubal damage or endometriosis
  • Had two or more miscarriages
  • Have irregular menstrual cycles, ovulate irregularly, and have not responded to clomiphene citrate
  • Were exposed to DES, a synthetic estrogen that was prescribed to millions of pregnant women from 1938 until 1971

Men who:

  • Have poor semen analysis, showing low motility, low count, or poor morphology
  • Have frequent urinary infections

Couples who:

  • Have tried to conceive for longer than one year with no pregnancy (six months for women older than age 35), even though their tests come back “normal”
  • Are considering using assisted reproductive technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF)