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Southern New Jersey Attorneys offer Legal Assistance Building Families

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Assisted reproductive technology continues to develop, and associated laws have not followed at the same pace. This is especially true for third party procedures like egg donation, embryo donation, and surrogacy. As a result, a number of lawyers now specialize in Family Building and Reproductive Technology law. These attorneys offer critical legal guidance in creating legal contracts to protect the responsibilities and rights of all the parties participating in Adoption and assisted reproductive technology.

Southern New Jersey Law Practices

Prior to undergoing infertility treatment, especially third party procedures, you should consult with an attorney with the appropriate specialty. These lawyers help with issues ranging from helping to manage insurance claims to disposition of embryos, pre- and post-conception plans, and surrogacy contracts. The following attorneys and firms offer services in southern New Jersey, specializing in the indicated areas of Family Building and Adoption Law:

  • Flaster Greenberg (Adoption)
  • Davis and Mendelson (Adoption)
  • Lois Garber Schwartz, Esq. (Adoption)
  • Rumbold & Seidelman (Adoption and Reproductive Law)
  • Michael J. Stein (Adoptions)
  • Worldwide Surrogacy Experts (Adoption, Sperm and Ovum Donation)


Attorneys with family building experience say surrogacy is the most legally complicated kind of assisted reproductive technology because a third party is needed. Legal representation should be used when working with a surrogate. Lawyers create legal contracts outlining donor’s rights (if used); the surrogacy arrangement, and a contract ensuring the surrogate will not seek custody of the child. It should also determine who makes decisions during and after the pregnancy

There are multiple legal issues to consider with surrogacy. Who covers medical bills for surrogates? What happens if a surrogate changes her mind? What type of involvement, if any, will thesurrogate have after birth? These questions should be discussed and agreed upon by everyone. Surrogacy legal agreements explain additional fees like insemination, and multiple pregnancies, costs for the surrogate if she has extra medical needs or takes time off from work because of the pregnancy.


Regardless if adoption is domestic or international, legal representation is needed. New Jersey supports adoptions for gay and lesbian parents. International adoptions are multi-faceted because children must obey the laws of the country where they are adopted. With all adoptions, there must be comprehensive documentation regarding the rights of the child, adoptive parents, and biological parents, and what role the biological parent will play after the child’s birth.