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It is common to experience a wide range of emotions as you progress through your infertility diagnosis and treatments. You may feel sad, depressed, and hopeless one day, only to feel angry or guilty the next. Your relationship may begin to feel tense, especially if you and your partner are not on the same page when it comes to infertility treatments. If you have disagreeing opinions regarding the cost or the extent of fertility treatments, you may find another layer of stress added to your relationship.

All of these feelings are normal, but if you begin to feel overwhelmed, or if your sense of helplessness pervades into other parts of life, it may be time to see an infertility therapist. Meeting with an infertility therapist can be a very helpful way to work through your complex feelings during a difficult time.

Infertility Therapists in St. Louis

There are several therapists in the St. Louis area who can help you through your infertility process. These therapists can help you manage your stress, verbalize your feelings, cope with grief, and open the channels of communication within your relationships.

The following therapists specialize in issues related to infertility and assisted reproductive technology:

  • Bronwen DiAntonio, Ph.D.
  • Christin Pryor, Ph.D., R.N., L.P.C., L.M.F.T.

Infertility Therapy Sessions

Before you begin your therapy, it is a good idea to meet with therapists you are considering working with. This will give you a better feel for their treatment style, and you will also be able to gauge whether you will feel comfortable with your therapist. Because you will be discussing a lot of personal feelings, it is vital you feel you are in a safe environment with your therapist.

Even if only one partner in a couple is receiving treatment, it is helpful for both partners to attend counseling. You may participate in different types of sessions throughout your treatment: you may have individual sessions with your therapist, and other times, your therapist may like to meet with you and your partner together.

It may be helpful for the male partner to attend counseling, since it gives them a safe, non-judgmental environment in which they can express their fears or insecurities about the process.

During your sessions, you will be given the opportunity to discuss how the infertility treatments are affecting your life. You can talk about stresses on your relationships, your social life, and your work life.