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Surrogacy in Charlotte, North Carolina


With surrogacy, a woman, known as a surrogate, carries a child for another woman or couple. Surrogacy can be a good choice for women with uterine abnormalities, or no uterus, recurrent miscarriages, or disorders that prohibit carrying a pregnancy or may make it dangerous to the mother. Gay couples may also choose surrogacy in order for the child to have a biological connection with one of the partners.

After you have decided on surrogacy, you have to choose whether you’d like to work with a traditional or gestational surrogate. Traditional surrogates are inseminated with sperm, which can come from a donor or from the male intended parent, in order to conceive the child. This results in a child who is genetically related to the surrogate. Some couples do not feel comfortable with their surrogate having a biological relation to their child. These couples can turn to gestational surrogacy, where a surrogate is implanted with a donor embryo, giving her no biological relation to the child.

Surrogacy Laws in North Carolina

Surrogacy law in North Carolina is unclear, since there are no laws that specifically deal with the issue of surrogacy or surrogacy agreements. By looking at adoption laws, it seems to show that surrogacy agreements without monetary compensation may be legal.

This law can be found in Chapter 48 of the North Carolina General Statutes, which deals with adoption and parental rights. According to this law, the only money that can change hands during an adoption is medical and living expenses paid to the birth mother. Any other payment is considered a misdemeanor offense, with subsequent violations growing to a Class H felony with fines up to $10,000. This law also clarifies that intended parents can seek to recover payment if the adoption procedures were halted from completion.

In North Carolina, it is illegal for a gay couple to jointly adopt, though no laws clarify the issue of a person adopting the child of his or her same-sex partner.

Charlotte Surrogacy Agencies

If you have decided to use a surrogate for your family building, you can work with a surrogacy agency to match you up with one. Before you choose a surrogacy agency, it is important to research each carefully, asking about its history of operation, screening procedures, and limitations.

The following surrogacy agencies work with Charlotte intended parents:

  • The Surrogacy SOURCE

    Some couples prefer to work with fertility clinics for surrogacy. Fertility clinics in Charlotte that work with surrogates include:

    • Institute for Assisted Reproduction
    • Program for Assisted Reproduction, Carolinas Medical Center