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Surrogacy in Columbia, SC


Surrogacy is a family-building option for women who have difficulty conceiving or carrying a child to term. Surrogacy is also a popular option for gay couples who desire a biological connection to their child.

Once you decide on surrogacy, you will have to choose what type of surrogate you will use. A traditional surrogate is a woman who uses her own eggs for the pregnancy, and is inseminated with sperm from a sperm donor or the male partner. With this option, the child will be related to the surrogate. Some couples are uncomfortable with this, and choose a gestational surrogate instead. A gestational surrogate is a woman who is implanted with an embryo, which can be from a donor or from the couple. This child will have no biological relation to the surrogate.

Surrogacy Laws in South Carolina

Surrogacy law is often unclear in many states, and South Carolina is no exception. While South Carolina has no laws that deal specifically with surrogacy, rulings from case law may show that surrogacy agreements are acceptable. Additionally, there is no prohibition on surrogacy in South Carolina law.

One of the cases used to interpret rulings on surrogacy agreements is a 2003 Federal District Court Case. This did not deal specifically with surrogacy agreements, but instead took on the question of whether a husband of a surrogate could claim the resulting child on his insurance plan. The court ruled that the child was not the legal child of the surrogate’s husband, since a surrogacy agreement was already in place.

While cases have not yet dealt with the issue of gay or lesbian surrogacy, there are no prohibitions in South Carolina against gay or lesbian couples adopting a child.

Columbia Surrogacy Agencies

Once you have decided on surrogacy, your next order of business is choosing a surrogacy agency. Surrogacy agencies match intended parents with surrogates, and often require extensive psychological and physical screenings before the surrogate can begin the process.

Columbia residents can work with the following surrogacy agencies:

  • Baby Steps, LLC
  • Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc.

It is important to note that surrogacy is considered a very complex legal matter, so before you begin the surrogacy process, it is recommended that you consult with a surrogacy lawyer.