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Surrogacy in Hartford and New Haven, CT

Surrogacy is a complex ART technique in which one woman, known as the surrogate, agrees to bear a child for another woman or couple, known as the intended parent or parents.

Surrogacy can be an option for women who have had their uterus removed, suffered repeated miscarriages, have abnormalities of the uterus, or have certain medical conditions that may make pregnancy difficult. Gay couples also turn to surrogacy as a way to build their families.

There are two types of surrogates: traditional and gestational. With traditional surrogacy, the surrogate is inseminated with sperm that fertilizes her own eggs. More and more, people prefer to work with gestational surrogates. In this case, the surrogate is implanted with an embryo, so the resulting child will not be her biological relation.

What are Surrogacy Laws in Connecticut?

There are no laws prohibiting surrogacy in Connecticut, and it appears as if surrogacy agreements are permitted and considered legal. Previous court cases have ruled favorably upon surrogacy agreements.

Also, a recent court case heard in the Connecticut Supreme Court ruled in favor of pre-birth orders. According to this ruling, an intended parent who is not the genetic parent of a child born through surrogacy may be declared the legal parent.

Finding a Surrogate

You can be matched up with a surrogate through a surrogacy agency or a fertility clinic. The following surrogacy agency is located in the Hartford and New Haven County areas:

  • Northeast Surrogacy Partnerships

Additionally, many fertility clinics offer programs that can match you with a surrogate. Both the fertility clinics in the area, the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services and the Yale Fertility Center, have gestational surrogacy programs available.

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